A greener future for Poplar

You might have noticed the electric cars parked at Chrisp Street Market. Apart from being particularly eye catching, these vehicles are contributing towards a cleaner, greener Poplar.


Poplar residents have taken to the scheme well and have embraced the benefits in the short time it has been running. These new generation vehicles can be seen quietly cruising East London’s streets – noise complaints are a thing of the past!

The vehicles are owned and run by E-Car Club, an Electric car sharing Club offering short term car hire from £5.50per hour. E-Car strives to reduce costs for the community but also strives towards a green future for Poplar by reducing air pollution.

Each E-Car vehicle will help achieve a 50-5kg reduction in nitrous oxide emissions per year and a 1-2kg reduction in particulate matter emitted in urban areas. Levels of nitrogen dioxide on some of London’s busiest roads such as the A14 that runs through Poplar are nearly three times the legal EU limit.

E-Car enables businesses and local residents in Poplar to access new places, jobs and opportunities by offering cars at affordable rates. The E-Car sharing scheme takes away the need of owning your own car and reduces the number of vehicles on the road – In turn reducing emissions. E-Car wants to be accessible and available to everyone who needs the use of a vehicle. Their message is simple: ‘’We want to improve East London’s air quality and quality of life for its residents.’’

Fokrul Islam has been a member of E-Car Club since August 2014 and doesn’t own a car anymore. Fokrul’s experience:

‘’Last year when I sold my car I was contemplating to rejoin Zipcar. However, I realised that they do not have any cars local to me. I read about the E-Cars on HARCA Life, which are based near Chrisp Street Market.

Once I started driving, I didn’t want to stop! I have never driven such smooth cars. Mostly I book the E-cars online, which I find easy to do, alternatively, I call the office and they are happy to assist this.

I book the E-Cars for anything from shopping to taking my parents to their hospital appointments. I find the cars to be clean and fully charged.  I have shared my E-car experiences with many people and I recommend it to anyone. I have people approaching me when they see me getting on or out of the E-car to enquire as to how it works! Most people ask me as to what’s the catch?

Overall, my experiences of using the E-Car has been positive one and would love to see more sites with E-Cars for me and the community to book!

Special offer for Say It! readers: Half-price lifetime membership (£25) PLUS 2 free driving hours. Enter promotional code SAYIT25 at www.e-carclub.org/join-now (Expires 31/07/2015) The fleet of Renault ZOE’s and Nissan LEAF’s are based at Chrisp Street car park and are available for the whole community to use.