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The Aberfeldy Well London programme has had a fantastic impact on supporting residents to run their own projects. It finished with a bang at a celebration in March at St Nicks church hall, after running for 2 ½ years.

It has been fantastic to give residents a chance to try out their own ideas to run projects about health and wellbeing, and also to get qualified.

  • 28 residents have led their own projects,
  • 19 residents have gained qualifications to help get work, including 4 young people gaining apprenticeships.
  • 9 residents have got into work as a result of the programme.

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There is an exciting sense of residents “making it happen for themselves”, with people gaining new skills and confidence, as well as a having voice to get what they want.

It is difficult to pick out a few projects, but the food coop ladies have been great at promoting healthy eating, the ladies who lead the Independent Women project and the sewing project have gone from strength to strength, the play on the Green is exciting, just like the exercise project for new mums run by St Nicks. The list goes on!

Although Aberfeldy Well London has ended, a new Lottery programme on Aberfeldy called Big Local is starting up, where residents decide how to spend £1million to make the estate a better place to live. For more information on Big Local, contact Shah Rahman on Shah@milestonelondon.co.uk or 079 4485 7681

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