Adrienne on NHS Talent Pool

This month we met Adrienne, a local Poplar resident who has recently taken part in a course to get her into a Health Care Assistant or Administrative position with the NHS. Poplar HARCA is working with Barts Health NHS Trust to recruit local people into a Talent Pool.

DSC_0018This month we met Adrienne Whitbread, a Poplar resident, born and bred. She has spent most of her life on the Aberfeldy estate and enjoyed growing up in a busy diverse area. Through a friend she came across Poplar HARCA’s Trussler Hall and met the Employment & Training team who introduced her to the programme NHS Talent Pool.

Poplar HARCA is working with Barts Health NHS Trust to recruit local people into a Talent Pool for Health Care Assistant and Administrative positions.  The Programme includes two week training to prepare candidates for the roles and provide background information on the NHS.  Throughout the programme candidates are supported with preparing supporting statements, applications and presentations.  Candidates are offered follow on support with interviews and in work support.  Poplar HARCA are keen to ensure local people benefit from these opportunities.

How did you get involved in the NHS Talent pool programme?
Well the whole thing came about purely by accident! A friend mentioned Trussler Hall and I went along one day. There I met Bernadette, a member of the Employment & Training team. She made me feel really welcome and pointed me in the direction of the programme. I am really interested in working for the NHS as a Health Care Assistant but have found it really hard to find out information about jobs, like what experience I need. I told Bernadette I wanted to work as a carer to build up my experience and then try for theNHS. She said why? Why not go straight into the NHS? I was really surprised, I didn’t know this was an option.

What attracted you to the programme?
The fact that it is directly linked to the NHS. After the course I will be assigned a unique reference number which means I can look for roles internally like an existing member of staff.

What has the programme taught you?
So much! We have learnt about safeguarding, dignity, diversity, health & safety – that was quite an eye opener. The programme has also shown me all the opportunities available and given me an idea of where to start.

Have you had a favourite part of the programme?
The people have been amazing, both the staff and the other participants. I have got to know so many new people and to think we were complete strangers 2 weeks ago! Now we know each other really well. It is a really safe environment to learn in and even though we are all at different levels no one feels out of place. I have been bringing up my kids for the last 20 years and the world of work has really changed during that time. Other participants and staff are really supportive which makes a big difference.

What has been the most challenging part of the programme?
The pace and intensity. It was a shock to the system as it has been a long time since I did any studying. However, it has really kick started something in me, a passion I didn’t know I had!

So, what is next?
Well, I have to do a presentation to the rest of the group and someone from Barts NHS Trust! Then I will start applying to jobs. What is really great is to know I am not alone. Poplar HARCA will continue to support me every step of the way and that makes me feel more confident.

If you want to find out about local courses that you can get involved in go along to Trussler Hall where the Employment & Training team will be happy to speak to you.

Details: 78 Grundy Street, E14 6AE, 020 7515 7437