Driving 407 miles in 24 hours in an E-Car


The story of the man that drove 407 miles in an E-Car from East-London all the way to York: ‘The main purpose of the journey was to save money on a university visit to York, initially by driving from East-London to Peterborough to pick up the train, but it got a bit more involved than that’

My wife and son wanted to go to York for the university open day. Return tickets were £90 each from London, and as a member of E-car Club I was able to hire a Renault ZOE for £45. We never planned to do the roundtrip all the way to York, so the idea was to drive to Peterborough and pick up the train there, reducing the return fare to £48 each and hence more than covering the cost of the hire. As soon as we started driving we realised how easy it all was, from finding charge points to charging the car. With most of the chargers it only takes a 30 minute coffee break to get the car fully recharged. So we decided to just do the full trip up to York in the E-Car; we drove 407 miles in 24 hours.

I joined E-Car Club for a number of reasons. For a while I have been interested in replacing my own car with an electric or hybrid vehicle, but was unsure of the practicality and wanted to try it out by renting. Of course, with a conventional hire company like Hertz or Avis you cannot guarantee to get a particular make and model, even if it is featured in the range. So when I heard about E-car Club it seemed like the perfect way to get familiar with the technology to see if it was suitable for the commitment to buy.

Now I have experienced using electric cars I feel much more confident in its practicality for everyday use. Not only does it work going around London where journeys are short and speeds are low, having done several long journeys I can see it works for that too. Not only did I use it for the York trip, but on another weekend I used it to make the journey from London to Somerset and back, a round trip of something over 300 miles. Admittedly the first leg of this was problematic because I made mistakes in planning, but coming back was fine. It is important where possible to stick to the motorway network where practically every service area has free fast charging from the Ecotricity network. Going at a steady speed of 60mph on the motorway gives you a range of 100 miles or more, and it only take a half an hour break to get the car fully recharged, slightly more if you left it to the last few miles of juice.’’

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