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Health Champion Course

Would you like to know more about how to live a healthy life, reflect on their health habits and make positive changes?

If so you might like to join the next Health Champion course starting on Monday 5th November. The course comes with a Level 2 qualification in Understanding Health Improvement.

It will run on Monday and Wednesday 10.00am – 13.30pm at St Paul’s Way Medical Centre for 7 weeks.

The training will build your knowledge around healthy lifestyles and support behaviour change, as well as giving you the opportunity to try out different health and wellbeing activities in Tower Hamlets.  You will look at the health and wellbeing demographics of Tower Hamlets in comparison to London and England. Participants will be asked to discuss what the differences are and why they may be occurring. You will be focusing on their own health habits as well as that of their local communities.

Please email: healthchampions@bbbc.org.uk

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