Halima Ali volunteer testimony

Halima Ali: Spotlight volunteer


Spotlight Halima+

What kind of volunteering do you at Spotlight?
I do youth support volunteering and I love it! I get to talk to everyone and I like to listen to young people’s stories.

What keeps you coming back?
Each day is different, I get to experience a variety of things and each time I volunteer it gets better!

What can we find you doing when you’re not volunteering?
Studying, working and hanging out with my family. I have a big family and we spend a lot of time together, we often do things spontaneously like visit out grandmother at midnight or go to the cinema at the spur of the moment.

Any hidden talents?
I write poetry and have run my own poetry blog for about five years now.

What are three words that sum you up?
Agh that’s hard to do, I would say Passionate, Weird (just a little bit in a good way) and Quirky.