Hiring an electric car in Poplar

Hiring an electric car in Poplar by Otis Forde

photo1 e car

The E-Car Club is probably the best car hiring service in the London. I have had my membership for around a year now, and the personal benefits have been extensive. The vehicles available are the Renault ZOE, Renault Fluence and the Nissan LEAF, all powered entirely by electricity. The cars have an average range of 70 miles, but this depends entirely on your driving style.

I mainly use the cars for regular business meetings, weekend shopping trips and the occasional night out with friends. In my opinion, choosing to join a car club is a more affordable option in comparison to owning a car. I have saved lots of money on insurance bills, tax and fuel expenses over the recent months and would recommend the service to all drivers.

My personal favourite is the Renault ZOE, it is very good looking, easy to drive and practical for driving in built up areas like London. It is a small hatchback with a top speed of up to 84 miles per hour. The boot is big enough to do all your weekend shopping or get all the football kits in after a Sunday League game.

Our community really appreciates the E-Car Club and the state of the art technology we now have access to.  Most importantly is our environment, as the vehicles are fully Eco friendly. The customer service is fantastic and definitely goes the extra mile to accommodate its members. The cars are perfectly located and at an affordable price, I give the E-Car Club a 10/10 rating.

Hire: From 1 hour to as long as you need

Available: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Cost: One off joining fee of £50 reduced to £25 if you enter promotional code ‘SAYIT215’ at www.e-carclub.org/join-now

Hire cost: £5.50 per hour or £45 per day (24 hours)

Details: www.e-carclub.org or 020 3603 2259

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