Interview with Idea Store

Idea Store

As somebody of a certain age I decided to drop in to the ‘Prime Time’ gathering at the Ides Store. Prime Time is a group for people who are 50 plus and meets every Thursday between 10.00am – 12.00pm. It aims to bring its members culture, news, books, activities, talks and outings. When I arrived the group were getting to grips with facebook. I spoke to group facilitator Lily…

  1. Name

Lily Chochkova


  1. What do you do (are you a resident, employee, or anything else)

I am an employee of Tower Hamlets working at the ideas store.


  1. How do you interact with local people?

I work at the Idea Store Chrisp Street so I have a lot of interaction with local people, particularly children and older people as they are our most frequent customers


  1. What do you think could be improved in the area?

 More places to eat, e.g. restaurants. More shops preferably for young people


  1. Where do you hope to see Poplar in five years time?

 Bursting with people, new buildings and a growing and expanding community


  1. If there were money to invest where would you like it to go?

 Local libraries parks, markets, somewhere for people to interact


  1. What is your favourite place in Poplar?

 The Idea Store – It’s the best place


  1. Can you think of a slogan for Poplar?

 ‘Build a life, join the community!


  1. Is there any one group or individual in Poplar that you admire?

 The over 50’s group at the Idea store are amazing. They are enthusiastic, keen and ready to learn things that young people take for granted.

 So why not join in the fun next Thursday – see you there…