Interview With somewhereto_

somewhereto_ in Poplar is a creative and enterprise space recently opened in Chrisp Street. What is somewhereto_? It’s a space for 16 -25 year olds to shape their ideas. If you are 16 – 25 you can drop in to see them with your idea! Whatever you're into and whatever stage you're at on your journey somewhereto_ are only too happy to help. So we sent our roving journalist Ian to pop in.

max cuthbert - somewhereto

I met up with Max Cuthbert and was immediately struck by his enthusiasm. Max told me that he is there in a management role to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that everybody is happy. “I hope that in time this will become a community space where people come to meet, share their ideas, and work together to achieve them. It’s a space where young people can access as much or a little help as they require. The space is for young people to bring their ideas to life.” 

But what kind of ideas..?

Dig a little into the world of somehwereto_ and you will meet a range of people from across the country with all kinds of ideas. Rak Islam used the space to breathe new life into his community through ‘upcycling’ old bikes with ex-offenders and disadvantaged young people. He was able to promote cycling as a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transport, promote cycle mechanics as a specialist trade and offer employment in cycle mechanics and up-cycle bicycles so that every bike that can be given a new life finds a new owner or is put back into working condition. Rak told us: “We take something that’s broken and make it brand new again… that’s something that I like about the business because a young person is building themselves up.”

somewhereto_ offers free space and a platform for 16-25 year olds to communicate their ideas and enterprises, helping them achieve their goals and inspire others But ‘somewhereto_ is not just a empty space. Young people can get support from industry mentors like music artist and Each One Teach One charity founders, Plan B! Artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, designers, theatre and dance performers all these people came together to share an experience in a collaborative space.

There are also free master classes, and professional talent scouts from SYCO Entertainment who donated their time and industry expertise, offering advice and insight for pursuing careers in performance entertainment.

If you’re looking for free space and new opportunities, you can check their range of spaces, events in the area or get in touch with your local somewhereto_ team member. I was able to find lots of spaces within a two-mile radius of Poplar including… Oxford House, Make Believe Arts, View Tube, Salmon Center Performance Space, Urban Development Studio Space and Brady Arts.

They don’t just supply space – they provide mentoring and networking so that people can work together. Max told me that “young people can benefit from the knowhow of older people but older people and business can also benefit from working with young people. Young people see things from a different angle and have new ideas for marketing and other industries. They can also provide different solutions to each other’s issues and promote cooperation and understanding.”

Max is an illustrative artist and I could see that somewhereto_is a blank canvas where people’s ideas and dreams can come to life ‘it may be a cliche but young people are our future. And somewhereto_ is a space in which, with help and imagination they can produce the ideas and business of tomorrow.