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Autumn in the garden

There is always something to do in the garden, even when temperature drops and trees start shedding their leaves. Last month, Limborough Community Garden has happily hosted the St Paul’s Way Medical Centre Health Champions’ group for their volunteering activities.

They collected fallen autumn leaves to turn into leaf mould, a wonderful compost that can be used as mulch or as a soil conditioner. They also planted bulbs and seeds that will grow and bloom early next year.

If you have visited the garden recently, you might have noticed some changes: right in front of the playground, we have added two metal notice boards than can be useful to share leaflets and events for the new season. There is a painted chalk board on the little shed in front of the greenhouse too. We also built a lovely planter with recycled pallet, and we are hoping to use it for growing fresh herbs to use in the “Live Well Kitchen.”