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Better Café @ Poplar Baths

Spotlight volunteer Oliver took a trip down to the Better Café at Poplar Baths, find out what his verdict was in his review of the visit…

Entering the spacious complex, I browsed what was on offer. It was your standard spread of cold sandwiches, oven-toasted panini’s and a selection of drinks. The lack of variety was a little disappointing, but not irksome. At the till was a friendly cashier who did not say much, but whose warm affability helped brighten my experience.

Being an annex of the local leisure centre, the pool was visible through a window, allowing parents to grab a quick coffee and watch their young ones learn to swim.

I bought a chicken-salad sandwich and a coke; the food didn’t really stand out, but a delicious pain au raisin for desert saved the meal.

A cheery goodbye to the cashier, and I was off.