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Box Fit

Box fit is a new activity that we are starting in the community centres. We recently held a couple of taster session for people to come along and find out about the activity. Vicky from Aberfeldy Centre explains more…

“At each of the session you undertake a series of circuit type usual exercises such as squats sit up etc  and then don your  boxing gloves (provided ) for round 1 and then learn some boxing moves and techniques such as right hook left hook upper cut etc.

At each of the sessions you get to work with partner and it helps you to meet new people that have a similar interest whilst working at your own level and intensity.

The sessions may run during the day or evening dependant on demand and we are asking people to book in advance space is limited to 10 people per group and you must be over 18 year sold to participate.“ For further information, please call Vicky: 0207 515 6794