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Chrisp Street: Continuity of Trade

Chrisp Street Market has been a lively and vibrant centre of trade since the 1850’s. Week in, week out, rain or shine the traders have served the people of Poplar well for 170 years. Throughout the regeneration you will be able to shop with all your favourite traders.

Even the Luftwaffe and their bombs couldn’t scare the traders from hawking their value for money produce and goods to local people. They did however give rise to a new Chrisp Street the one we now know and mostly love. The current regeneration scheme will update and continue the evolution of Chrisp Street and its Market, still famous for its value for money approach to local shoppers and, as for the last 70 years, the clock tower.

Throughout the regeneration all your favourite market stalls and shops will continue to trade as normal. Some of the shops will move from their existing premises to new premises just a few yards away, these moves will take no more than a day or two, so there will be little or no gaps in trading. The Market will need to move from its present location to the Square in front of the Ideas Store while we replace the canopy, install new drainage and electricity supply. We expect work on Market Square to take about a year, after which the Market Traders will move back to Market Square enjoying the upgraded facilities with dedicated wash areas for the fruit and veg stalls.

The current lock-up units will be demolished at the same time as the market moves. All lock-up traders will move, some to permanent new premises, others to new temporary units while we build their new premises, whether moving permanently or temporarily all will continue to trade throughout the regeneration programme.

Throughout the regeneration you will be able to shop with all your favourite traders.