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Dream of Life London Exhibition

Lansbury Spotlight recently hosted Dream of Life London’s art exhibition ‘The Sky’s the Limit’. The project worked with a number of young women from Tower Hamlets to create artwork based on their hopes and aspirations for the future.

The main aim of the project was articulated by its director when she described what happens when the participants make art:

‘A feeling arises within the maker, they begin to consider that if the art work I’ve just made is so unique and clearly has value then maybe, I, the maker, also have value, maybe I am special.’

The night began with a screening of the making process. After the screening, the audience enjoyed a performance from one of Spotlight’s young bands, before being invited to share their hopes and aspirations on balloon-shaped notes dotted around the room. Some hopes were bold and idealistic, some more humble, many simply wishing for happiness.

Finally, the audience witnessed the inflation of the four metre high balloon designed and painted by the young artists and the project leaders. The audience was visibly moved when the balloon, the physical embodiment of the young women’s dreams of life, lit up and lifted from the ground, accompanied by the sound of their hopes for the future played over the speakers.

One of the young women described the impact the project had on her: ‘This project really has helped me connect with something inside of me, and become more confident and comfortable with who I am, I’ve been through a lot, we all have, and being a part of something like this has changed my life.’

For more information about Dream of Life London follow this link to their website: https://dreamoflifelondon.com/

To find out more about Spotlight, the programmes that they have on offer for young people, their locations, and contact details, please follow this link: https://wearespotlight.com/