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Fit for Life

Fit for Life is a free, innovative, community-based service for adults in the borough
of Tower Hamlets who would like support managing weight and associated long
term health conditions. The programme is a partnership between Bromley by Bow Centre, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Ability Bow.

The new Fit for Life website has stories of how people have benefited, including Joanne, who lost 5 stone.

Changing habits – Joanne’s story
fit-for-life.org.uk/changing-habits >

How did you feel before the Fit for Life programme?
Every time I went to my doctor they told me that the problems I had were because I was overweight. I had high blood pressure and back pain and I knew I had to do something about it.

Once I was referred to the Fit for Life programme, I felt motivated to do something. There was a waiting list so I starting dieting even before my first session. I think wanting to make a change made all the difference.

“I’ve learnt so much about what different foods do to your body.”

How do you feel now?
I lost 5 stone and hit my 5% weight loss target!

I have tried to lose weight before and it hasn’t worked. I think the difference this time is having the input from a nutritionist. I’ve learnt so much about what different foods do to your body and how to make changes to your diet without going on crash or faddy diets.

I’ve changed my habits since being on Fit for Life too. I’ve started walking more, not just to get places but for enjoyment too. I take the dogs for longer walks than I used to and I feel less breathless and generally a lot better. I also do aerobics and circuits once a week. Before Fit for Life I hadn’t exercised for years. I also don’t eat takeaways anymore – unless it’s a treat!

I’m maintaining my target weight now and I never want to go back.

Would you recommend Fit for Life to others?
Yes! Everyone in the group was really nice. Not just the staff but the other participants, they really made you feel at home. I would recommend Fit for Life to anyone who is overweight and eating rubbish.

I even give people advice now! I tell my brother about his diet and have helped him to realise that the food he was eating wasn’t doing him any good. When my partner found out about his high cholesterol, I could tell him what I’d learnt about what he should be eating.

Fit for Life really put me on the straight and narrow. It was a fantastic opportunity to be on the programme.