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January Fairbridge Slots Available

Do you know a young person who would benefit from a great personal development programme?

The next Fairbridge programme will be taking place in January 2018. It starts on Monday 15th of January and inductions are available from the 2nd of January – 10th of January.

The Fairbridge programme is a fantastic personal development programme for young people who are NEET aged 16 to 25 living in London, they do not need to be claiming benefits or have access to public recourse they will need to have a basic level of understanding of English and be able to communicate and understand instructions.

Young people who are in Education or Training less than 14hrs and young people who are working less than 16hours are also are eligible.

This programme uses flexible one to one support, which includes one to one mentoring and goal setting, literacy and numeracy support through a functional skills tutor, employability workshops, art therapy and counselling sessions and much more.

Please contact: outreach.london@princes-trust.org.uk or call on 0800 842 842.

Lunch and travel will be provided throughout the duration of the programme. 

 “I feel really proud of myself and I’ve never had that feeling before; I feel so happy now and nothing will knock me down, I’ve constantly got a smile on my face”    –  Charlie – 22