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Mock Election and political debates at Spotlight

This year’s 2017 General Election has truly been a game changer for young people. 1 million young people registered to vote in a month and up to a staggering 72% voted on the day, a stark difference in comparison to 2015 where voter turnout was only 43%. Young people across the nation as well as Spotlight young people, challenged the “Disengaged Youth” stereotype by collectively making their voices heard.


Spotlight young people are volunteering, getting involved in inspiring projects and leadership opportunities. For the few weeks running up to the election day, Spotlight sparked the political conversation by holding various debates on pressing issues. A Question Time event on voting was hosted, in collaboration with For Women of Colour and Bite the Ballot.


Spotlight also engaged young people by having a dedicated “Get Inspired” day, running a social-media campaign and a Mock Election on the 8th of June. Kim Nguyen, Project Worker at Spotlight said “It is apparent that young people today are more involved than ever and we hope that young people in Poplar & Bow and across communities will feel empowered to make a change!”.