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New exhibition ‘Bangla is not my mother tongue’ – tracing the remnants and resurgence of Sylheti Nagri

Dates of exhibition: 31st January – 27th February 2017

Place: Husk Gallery, 649 Commercial Road, Limehouse, London E14 7LW

Opening times: 8am-6pm (Tues –Fri, until 8pm from 5th Feb), 10am-5pm (Sat)

The vast majority of London-based Bangladeshis speak Sylheti yet their language and standard Bengali are mutually unintelligible. Recently the written script, Sylheti Nagri has seen a revival in south Asia and in the UK, as a new generation question the disconnect between what they speak at home and how they communicate in public.

This latest exhibition of paintings, graphics and archive traces the remnants left over from Puthi-Pora (manuscript reading). The exhibition probes into how the revival in the UK, Bengal and Bangladesh is taking shape and why language and culture falls from collective consciousness.

Saif Osmani is a visual artist and spatial designer from the Sylheti-Bengali community in London. He has exhibited across Asia and in Europe and will be showing at London’s Barbican Centre in summer 2017.