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New women’s clothing store Ana Farah opens in Chrisp Street

Local entrepreneur and fashion designer Amina Farah, has just launched a shop at Unit 21 in Chrisp Street.

Tell us how you came to open your shop in Chrisp Street market?

I studied a fashion degree at Middlesex University and have always been interested in business, my objective was always to open a business. It’s a good combination of what I’ve studied so far, and in Chrisp Street – I live here, I grew up in Poplar – it’s a good starting point, connecting with roots.

Describe the fashion at Ana Farah:

There are Kimono inspired abayas – each piece is individual and quite exclusive, there are only 3 to 4 designs of each piece, it’s not mass produced; it’s a luxurious brand. We also stock jewellery, scarves, skirts and tops. We try to make the designs trendy and modest – you can be religious and try to marry these concepts and make them as functional as possible. You can wear them as an outer garment, or with or without trousers – basically anything!

What do you love about Poplar?

It’s quite a diverse place – I’m really interested in people and people’s behaviours. We have a lot of people from around the world, they all bring their own cultures and that’s beautiful. I grew up here and have live here over 10 years, it’s grown my culture. I’m exposed to other cultures and that helps me learn – I’m inspired by others and it’s a nice way to co-exist.

Opening times:

Unit 21, Chrisp Street Market, Monday to Saturday, 10.00am – 6.30pm

Prices: From £18.99 to £55

Facebook: @anafarah70

Instagram: anna Farrah