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Poplar Pavillion

The eagle eyed among you may have spotted some planters and other intriguing items appearing in East India Square.  Let us shed some light.  This will very shortly become the Poplar Pavilion.

Artist Alex Julyan is using her Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Fellowship to  explore how the built environment impacts on our social, physical and mental health.  The Poplar Pavilion will be visible until October, it invites opinion and encourages conversation and activities around this subject. The Wellcome Trust is a global charity focused on improving human and animal health.

Four or five sheds will gradually transform into a multi-purpose Pavilion during the course of the project, which starts in June with the London Festival of Architecture and concludes during London Open House weekend in September.

A series of experienced artists, architects, community leaders, healthcare and environmental professionals will invite the community to share their knowledge, help design and make elements of the Pavilion and talk about wellbeing and sustainability.

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