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Reclaiming the Streets campaign

The first “Reclaiming the Streets” campaign meeting was held at Bow Brew café in October. The group came up with a great diversity of ideas on how to reduce Air Pollution , redesign the urban space and create a stronger community in Tower Hamlets. What’s your dream for Tower Hamlets? Let them know your vision on Facebook.

“Reclaiming Streets” aims to adapt and pedestrianise some roads in Tower Hamlets which are used to access the A12 and A13, particularly those with schools on them or nearby. We will work with local residents to reclaim these spaces, creating safer streets, dramatically decreasing air pollution and enabling more walking and cycling. Just imagine being able to use your street for family activities with your neighbours! We believe that streets such as St Paul’s Way or Roman Road might benefit most from adaptations including pedestrianisation, but we will work with local communities to identify the right places. For further details, please contact: cleanaircafe@yahoo.com