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St Paul’s Way development update

Phase 5 of the scheme which is the West wing is now complete, the building was handed over a week early, much to the delight of the Head Teacher and staff of the St Pauls Way Trust.

Again working in conjunction with the SPW Trust, London Borough of Tower Hamlets and Telford Homes we combined to deliver a building of exceptional quality which the staff and pupils have already began occupying. This summer sees the demolition of the former Burdett centre, which was the temporary foundation primary school and the former mosque, both these buildings will be taken down to make way for the South school hall and the residential affordable accommodation, which are phases 8 & 9.

Since the demolition of Linton and Printon Houses earlier in the year, works have progressed to phases 6 & 7 which is the North wing of the school and the residential blocks A-D, we are currently at level four of the concrete frame with three more to go, this phase of the works will be on site for at least another 18 months.

In summary, we have now completed and handed over the East & West wings of the school and the new mosque. This summer will see the demolition of the former foundation primary school and former mosque, this will be swiftly followed by the construction of the affordable block E-F and the south school hall. In the meantime works will continue to the North block and the residential blocks E-F; all in all it’s going to be an extremely busy summer!