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Sunday Assembly

On 12th February Sunday Assembly East End will be exploring the many different kinds of love, to remind you that you don’t need to count your Valentine’s Day cards, or lack of, to feel and express love. The main speaker will be Victoria Johnson, co-founder of the ‘Museum of Happiness’ and a former youth mentor.

Victoria Johnson will be discussing the importance of this wider concept of love to our happiness and wellbeing. Plus a selection of singalong classics with the East End house band and choir, an ‘East Side Stories’ segment from a community member, and a guided moment of reflection, ending with free tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits afterwards.

Sunday Assembly East End is a growing secular community, welcoming people of all faiths and none. They meet every second Sunday morning of the month at the Spotlight centre, next to Langdon Park DLR. It’s free to attend and volunteer run, funded by optional donations by those who can afford it.

They also have lots of other community goings on, from peer support to photography clubs, to ‘Help Often’ days volunteering in the wider community. To find out more or get involved in this fledging community, email samweatherald@sundayassembly.com or contact Sam on 07400749898. You can also connect via FacebookTwitter  and Meetup.

To find out about the global Sunday Assembly movement visit www.sundayassembly.com.