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Teviot winner at Langdon Park Festival!

Congratulations to Maruf Ahmed and his daughter Aiyla, who won a competition to win an iPad at the Langdon Park Festival on Saturday 14 July. On the day of the festival, Aiyla heard music coming from the park and wanted to visit. Maruf was delighted to win and got his daughter’s name engraved on the winning iPad.

The competition was open to all Teviot residents who gave their feedback on ways to improve the estate, placing stickers on a map of Teviot, to mark areas they think need improvement most. This included community safety, improved play areas and improved housing. The competition and mapping exercise was to raise awareness of a Teviot Resident Steering Group, who meet to discuss and influence how Teviot could look in the future.

If you’re a Teviot resident and interested in finding out more about the steering group, please contact Fintan Tynan: fintan.tynan@poplarharca.co.uk or call  07852 998 909. The next meeting date is Monday 6 August, 6.00pm-7.30pm at the Teviot Centre.

Findings of Teviot Listening Campaign: