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Thumbs Up for Garden Volunteers

Poplar HARCA’s Communities and Neighbourhood (CaN) team has recently been successful in recruiting a volunteer whose role is to help strengthen links and inter-action between and among local community food growing gardens in Poplar  which have been supported by CaN through the neighbourhood  centres since 2014.  Her name is Clyo Pareccini, an Italian lady who lives locally and has a passion for food growing and horticulture.

Clyo is currently busy facilitating volunteering days (booked throughout May-June-July) for corporate volunteers from Trees for Cities and Morgan Stanley, all of whom so far have enjoyed the sunny days helping local gardeners prepare their sites for this year’s growing season.

We want to thank our colleagues from Estate Services Bulk Rubbish Team John Cairns, Chris Kimpton and Andrius Tautkus for collecting the big stuff that the composters could not accommodate.  Much appreciated!