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Tower Hamlets Mediation Project (THMP)

THMP brings community mediation back to the borough. THMP provides a free and confidential service to all neighbours in Tower Hamlets. Mediation is flexible to your needs.

Volunteer Community mediators will visit you in your own home to listen to you about your situation, at a convenient time for you.

The mediators can help you to decide what you want to do next to end the conflict.

Contact THMP to talk to us at this number: 07434027056. Our mediator manager can help you decide if mediation may help you.

Benefits of Community Mediation:

  • Mediators help to Reduce stressful conflict
  • Helps you to clarify the issue so you can present it to the neighbour or housing officer in a rational way
  • Brings peace of mind having someone to listen fully to your situation
  • Mediators can provide you a safe and neutral space IF (please emphasis) you want to meet with your neighbour
  • Mediators can help you and your neighbour to have a conversation about how to end the conflict if you choose to meet with them
  • Mediators Assist with ways to communicate with your neighbour other than meeting with them
  • Mediators are creative about helping you to resolve the conflict
  • Mediators care about helping you to find resolution with your neighbour
  • THMP mediators are independent from your landlord or leaseholder

Confidentiality: We are very careful about maintaining confidentiality (in other words we don’t tell your neighbours what you tell us)