Nicola, Spotlight Volunteer

Meet Nicola Chang, the all things music volunteer at Spotlight. From Hong Kong originally with a stint in Boston USA for university and now volunteering with Poplar young people. Read the full interview here and see what is happening at Spotlight this summer for young people aged 11 -19 years.


Nicola Chang has been in London since September last year. She enjoys volunteering and giving back to the community and has always sought youth related opportunities with a link to music. Music is her passion and a big part of her life. She tells me it is a way for people to express themselves organically and is truly a universal language.


Nicola’s day job is as a curator for a music technology company. She creates playlists for different spaces and brands abroad. She now volunteers for Spotlight, East London’s creative youth space designed to inspire. She recently ran her own programme called Rhythm Squad, a STOMP related group that come together to make music with whatever they can find. Participants were encouraged to BYOI – bring your own instrument. Nicola is really impressed with the resources at Spotlight and thinks it is great that so many young people have access to professional level recording studios with the latest music software.

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