Say It – Open Poplar

28 Nov 2014


Poplar HARCA is responsible for 9,000 homes, but we’ve got other spaces we aren’t making enough use of at the moment.  Old boiler rooms, community centres, storage spaces, old garages, open spaces – a real assortment of nooks and crannies.  If you’ve got a business or project idea and need space, whether it’s just for a few hours a week or full-time, we may have somewhere right up your street.

We’ll be launching a new website www.openpoplar.com in the next few weeks.  It will give details of some of the spaces we have available and a sample proposal form for you to tell us what you want to do.  Keep an eye on Say It, Poplar HARCA’s website, facebook and twitter for more information about the Open Poplar launch.

We’re also looking for local residents to join a group to help us decide which ideas to take forward.  To find out more or register your interest please get in touch with Blossom at blossom.young@poplarharca.co.uk or 020 7538 6422.