Play Association Tower Hamlets (PATH) runs outdoor play sessions on different Poplar Harca estates for children ages 5 and over, younger children are welcome if an adult stays with them.

Sessions on Aberfeldy started on Fridays at Millennium Green in April, children have been using the green space in new ways with resources the playworkers bring. Every week playworkers ask the children what they would like to do and do their best to make that happen! Fabric has created hammocks and dens in the trees, kites have been made and flown, water towers were built with cardboard and parents can sit and chat around the concrete sundial.

Each site offers different opportunities we have been in the Limborough Garden on Burdett estate making flags, painting, playing lots of hide and seek and learning about gardening. On Thursdays in September the sessions move to the Burdett Estate Play Garden, behind Celandine House to continue the same playfulness, listening to children and give them opportunities to play new things.

All PATH play sessions: Thursday – Bow at Limscott Green, Burdett play garden, Friday Lincoln estate & Aberfeldy 3.15 – 6.00pm. Saturdays at Hind Grove 12.00 – 3.00pm. To find out what play session are near you or to talk to one of the team call us on 0207 729 3306

To find out more about PATH check our web site Facebook & Instagram play PATH and Twitter @playPATH