Poplar Singers

Poplar Singers back in September, welcoming new members

Just 6 months ago, Poplar’s first Community Choir, namely The Poplar Singers, was formed. In that time they’ve been kept busy as part of a massed singing project with DePart Festival, put on their own concert at St Matthias Community Centre and performed at Langdon Park Festival.

Led by Penny Desbruslais (tutor) and Hannah Douse (co-ordinator), they get together at Brownfield Cabin on Monday evenings to sing everything from Gershwin to Mozart, Eva Cassidy to traditional African rounds. It’s free to attend and requires no singing experience to join – everyone over the age of 18 is welcome!

Fancy it? The choir is having a break over Summer but will be back in September for some fresh performances, and would love to welcome some new members.

Email poplarchoir@gmail.com for more information, or check out their Facebook Page here >