Smarty Party Interview

Smarty Party Interview

A new business has opened in Chrisp Street by local residents Liz and Jane. The girls have worked hard to get the business off the ground and encourage others that are interested in starting a business to go for it!

“We need the local people to support a small businesses like us.”

smarty party staff

SAY IT! What is the name of your business?

Smarty Party:Smarty Party’ is a new exciting card and party planning shop that has just opened in Chrisp Street. Liz Lee and Jane Davis who own the shop live locally and know the area very well.


SI!: What do you do (are you a resident, employee, or anything else)?

SP: We own and run the new card and party planning shop in the market, catering for the varied needs of our customers. We are part of a growing group of entrepreneurs in Poplar and we are both local residents.


SI!: How do you usually interact with local people?

SP: We play a part in offering services to the customers of Chrisp Street market. We strive to offer great customer services by meeting all our lovely customers’ needs. We also offer a party planning service taking the hassle out of planning parties. We hire the right hall or work in your home. We decorate and cater according to your wishes ensuring a hassle free fun packed day whatever the occasion.


SI!: What do you think could be improves in the local area?

SP: Variety is the spice of life and that’s what Chrisp Street needs. There needs to be a greater mixture of stalls, too many sell the same thing at present. We need to attract new people to the market and having a greater variety of shops may help with this. Many of our customers have lived in the area for years and remember when the market was thriving – perhaps we could use their experiences to help bring those days back.


SI!: Where do you hope to see Poplar in five years time?

SP: In five years time we would like to see a market that is thriving. That has a good atmosphere and good shops.


SI!: If there were money to invest where would you like to see it go?

SP: Even more events in the market. We would like to see the market cleaned up. There should be more parks for children to play and more eating places for lunch times – some catering for the school kids. It would also be good to bring in some high street shops such as ‘Primark’, ‘Peacocks’ and ‘Argos’.


SI!: What is your favourite place in Poplar?

SP: Smarty Party…. of course


Can you think of a slogan for Poplar?

SP: How about… ‘Poplar – Diversity is our middle name’


SI!: Is there any one group or individual in Poplar that you admire?

SP: Poplar’s ever growing group of entrepreneurs