The Roving Journalist meets Muxima!

uxima is a new cafe that has just opened in at Spotlight by Langdon Park DLR station. I popped in to talk to Isaac and the team about what the community project is all about...

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Muxima cafe is at the end of Roman Road. Situated away from major points of interest like Victoria Park and Hackney Wick you could be forgiven for passing it by, which would be a shame as the cafe makes the area a little bit more magical and somehow more enchanting. The coffees are fantastic and generous, while the simple all-day food is great quality and leaves you planning your next visit. Looking at the hand built furniture and fittings and the relaxed atmosphere the second cafe shows every sign of creating a similar atmosphere.



Muxima staff really care about making sure that everything runs smoothly. It’s not just about bringing young people together, (which you could be forgiven for thinking as they are based in space designed for and by young people) but he is also aiming to turn the cafe into a hub for the whole Poplar community.

Isaac, Muxima’s co-founder, is 46 and has been working for the project for about 5 years having come from Angola in 1980’s; He now lives just down the road. His favourite places in Poplar include Balfron Tower and Spotlight.

The Roman Road cafe also works with local musicians as well as hosts exhibitions for local Bow artists; the new cafe hopes to achieve the same standing as a community and cultural hub. It aims to be more than a cafe by offering instruction in cooking, music, art and carpentry. Isaac compares people coming together to build the settings and fittings to ‘fingers’ on a hand working together to a common end and creating a better environment.

The team looks forward to seeing more art and activities in the next few years bringing more harmony to the area. I everyone to be warm and sincere since Muxima means “heart” in an Angolan dialect, like me you will be sure of a warm welcome.

Check out their menu here >

Muxima can be found at Spotlight, 30 Hay Currie Street, E14 6GN (right next to Langdon Park DLR and School)