Village App

Have you shoved your old toys in to the back of a cupboard? Or been meaning to get rid of that tea pot? Maybe your little ones have grown out of their clothes and they are sitting around gathering dust?

Well Village may just be the answer. Village is a buying and selling app (think Gum Tree or Amazon) with a twist. It is hyper local. You will be able to see things within a 20 minute walk from you and meet other people when you sell or buy an item.


We here at the SAY IT! Team were intrigued and investigated a little further.

Village launched in February 2016 with people in every pocket of Tower Hamlets coming together to buy, sell and save money in the community . In just over a month, that is really lovely

Village want to bring back the idea of selling and buy being a way to bring people together. Technology has made the art of selling things efficient and interaction is at a minimum. The Village team asked how can we us technology to bring commerce and exchange back to its roots – an interaction between people. Village has achieved this by adopting an exchange in person only option for payment and collection. You get to meet the person selling that tea pot and have a conversation with them. With all items being in a 20 minute radius it is easy to meet up!

Village want to help people realise the value of the stuff around them and in their community. The community is a rich resource and is more likely to have things that cater to your needs. They hope to empower people to realise the value of their goods as well as create value by making money.

If you want to join village for free today go to

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